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introduced a new soda tax. that's a 24-cent tax on a typical can of soda or $35 million a year for san francisco. the money would be used for health programs for children. it would need a majority work from supervisors to get on the ballot. >>> the san francisco based company added a kittens option to its app. for $20 people can order up a kitten for 15 minutes. the kitten service was available from 7:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. the kittens could also be permanently adopted. the money will be donated to local shelters. >>> and we'll have the latest on what community members say need to happen for this community to heal. >>> plus concerns about covered california. we talk to residents who say the new health care plan is nothing like what was promised. >>> the outrage over the death of a sonoma county teen is growing tonight as hundreds rally for justice. we're asking local leaders what they're doing to gain back the community's trust. 13-year-old sandy lopez was killed by sheriff deputy one week ago today. and tonight his friends and family are gathering for his funeral.
: the saying goes, nothing is certain but death and taxes. turns out it's not even certain the government will stop buying your prescriptions or paying for new doctor visits long after you're dead. >> this is lack of oversight. lack of transparency. >> reporter: we learned in 2011 the government paid out $23 million in medicare payments on behalf of people who were dead. the department's auditors discovered some of that is because of bad info on when people passed away. most comes down to improper claims filed by doctors and healthcare providers. big question, was there fraud? did providers file claims for people they knew were dead? according to this report and hundreds of cases it looks like that answer is yes. >> they'll send in a claim, see if it gets paid. if it works, send another one in. maybe the next month, 10, 15, 20 until they get caught. >> reporter: david williams with the taxpayer protection license says it's a small number of companies and doctors working the system. >> you have people taking advantage of the system that is so big, so complex that they're not going to get c
tuesday but they are expecting the turn out to be low. sales taxes, school board elections and bond measures dominate the ballots. one of the host hotly debated issues is on the ballot in san francisco, measure b, a proposal to build condos. >>> flattered but not ready to commit from hillary clinton on a endorsement. he said on saturday night 2016 is her time. polls show hillary clinton leading all candidates. they said she appreciated the gesture but said she hasn't made up her mind. >>> days after dianne feinstein spoke about reports on nsa spying on foreign leaders she spoke today about those who work in the agents. >> nsa -- i believe the nsa is filled with good people who do good things. the administration controls intelligence. the frame work is put together by the administration. it begins with -- >> on thursday dianne feinstein said she was opposed to gathering intelligence on foreign leaders. a day earlier she called to ask about a report that the u.s. was tapping her cell phone. said it was a grave brief of trust. >>> the application page for will go offline
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3